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Howdy, I'm Harsha


Who is Harsha? I'm curious how you found me, but honestly I'm just an internet gremlin. Sometimes I live in a van for extended periods of time, and sometimes because living on top of a mountain gets boring, I like to contribute to open source.

Oh yes, and I do product management for a living. I was an software engineer for many years, but realized I had a knack for building stuff people could get attached to, and that was pretty cool.


"If you do Product why does your site look like ass?" is a question I sometimes get. And I really do appreciate the concern.

Okay but who are you

How do you even answer this question? Can someone even decide in the moment who they really are, or is this something we can only answer in reflection?

Wherever and whoever you are, I'd love to get to know you, and get to meet you. Send me an email! I'm based in Atlanta and am always happy to meet new people :)


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